Alternatives to FTP when using Azure Sovereign Cloud

I’m currently working on a project involving the Azure Germany ‘Sovereign Cloud’. Whilst it’s *mostly* the same as the global Azure offering, there are a few quirks. One of them I’ve found recently is the inability to set FTP deployment credentials on a Web App. I was needing to create some empty directories in the web app to support virtual directories I wanted to deploy into:


However, when you try and set an FTP username in the portal, you’ll get:


If you examined the network trace you’ll actually notice that the ajax call to check the FTP username is returning an error:

{“error”:{“code”:”InvalidResourceType”,”message”:”The resource type could not be found in the namespace ‘Microsoft.Web’ for api version ‘2015-08-01’.”}}

What to do?

MS Support kindly pointed me to a few articles regarding quirks in Sovereign Cloud web app deployments –

…which got me thinking, there are alternatives – namely using the Kudu tools:

  • Open the site in Kudu (
  • Click ‘Debug Console’, then ‘CMD’ (or PowerShell if you prefer)
  • Use good old fashioned commands to manage your directory structure (or there’s also a simple GUI there to use too):

Won’t get around all the reasons for needing FTP – but might help you get over a little hurdle…





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