I’ve been working on a WSS site for a friend of mine in my spare time lately, and it’s finally ready to launch!

Take a look if you’re interested:



Main highlights of development…

1) Portfolio. Mapping a drive to the image library behind the scenes, he’s able to drag and drop a new folder in per car he details. So – content management requiring no SharePoint skills. In the front end – the latest 3 cars are shown on the homepage, and a customised CSS + JavaScript PopUp layer are used to show more photos of the car without navigating the user away from the page.

JQuery is used to highlight the selected image, and JavaScript swaps the images from the thumbnails to the main image – so no postback.

image  image



2) Banner Image. You’ll notice that the main image in the banner on each page is different. A standard image library contains a number of possible images, a data view is inserted in a DIV layer in the master page, and a JavaScript function runs to select one of the images randomly and display it.


3) Testimonials. Testimonials are driven from a list in the administration site. To add a new testimonial, he just has to add a new item to the list. Items are just ordered by date created, keeping things nice and simple. Data views are used to display them.

image  image


4) Twitter interaction. I initially used some of the standard twitter XML data to display updates in the footer of the site – but after deployment to 1and1 it seemed that these feeds were blocked. To work around the issue, I took the approach detailed here: , which meant the call to the twitter update runs from the client rather than server.


Hopefully this proves that interesting and dynamic websites can be built on a WSS platform! Let me know what you guys think…



2 thoughts on “LAUNCHED:

  1. Hi Davros,

    I really like it, true that we can do ‘mazing things with moss (or WSS) …
    What would be interesting is how you create the master pages and context menu (control) to fall into MOSS mechanism … Also, I suppose that you enabled the publishinf features … could you explain more about that ??

    Thanks a lot for your ‘demo’


  2. Hi Marc – no we’re using WSS only, so no Publishing Features.

    All the content is stored in one site, so one custom Master page was created (from Heather Solomon’s CollaborationBaseMasterPage), and the front-end pages inherit from it.

    As for the navigation, i’m using the standard SharePoint top nav menu, just re-branded with CSS. This allows my friend to use site settings to rename links etc through the browser interface.

    I’ll put some more detail in future posts…
    Hope that helps,


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