SharePoint makes me cry…

Hello all –

I’m David (davros), and I work as a SharePoint + InfoPath consultant @ ISC Software Solutions (MS Gold Partner –

Recently I have come across a few things in SharePoint that have damn well near reduced me to tears. So, after finding work arounds and drying my eyes – I thought I would try and share them here, perhaps to help others avoid some of the pain.

I have been mainly working in the following areas of late:

  • SharePoint branding + customisation
  • InfoPath – custom task pane / dynamic form creation / etc
  • InfoPath Forms Services

I have recently completed the two MCTS exams for configuring SharePoint.

Anyway – hopefully some of my thoughts will be of use to someone….


One thought on “SharePoint makes me cry…

  1. Hi David,

    Would you mind if I ask you about my problem which is related with Infopath and sharepoint 2007?

    I have a problem when I print out Infopath form in SharePoint 2007 with IE 8.

    In printview, if there is so many words in richtextbox, it crashed next pages’ contents which is overlapped with the bunch of words.

    Have you heard about this problems before?

    Please advise me.


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