Code for Cloud: David Moore

Thoughts and learnings from helping customers do *stuff* with Azure. Welcome ladles and jellyspoons :)

I’m currently working on a project involving the Azure Germany ‘Sovereign Cloud’. Whilst it’s *mostly* the same as the global Azure offering, there are a few quirks. One of them I’ve found recently is the inability to set FTP deployment credentials on a Web App. I was needing to create some empty directories in the […]

If you’re making a start with SPFX using the knockout template, you might have found a few strange issues right out of the gate. Don’t worry – these are mostly due to bugs in the framework and Microsoft are working on them. 1: Incorrectly extends base class? If you Yo up a new knockout project […]

Let’s face it – there’s not been a lot for SharePoint developers to be excited about over the last couple of years. Perhaps, however, the newly released SharePoint framework could change all that? As you probably know the SPFX is fully client-side and utilises a whole raft of ‘new’ (new to most SharePoint developers) client-side […]